Large Chinese Tang Dynasty tomb Guardian Figure-SOLD

A fine large Chinese Tang Dynasty tomb guardian figure

Tang dynasty Circa 618-907 China

A pottery figure of  Lokapala a male warrior guardian figure standing on a recumbent bull

Ex UK collection before 1960

Height 38 cm

Condition, left hand missing otherwise fine

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As early as the 4th Century BC, pottery figurines were used in tombs  With the Han Dynasty came the trend of burying the dead with luxurious burial goods and pottery figurines were used in large quantities as burial articles. The figurines were given definite features during the dynasties of the Qin, Han, Southern and Northern, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming.

Many  tombs were equipped with the necessities of everyday life including furniture, cooking utensils, and even food, items thought to provide comfort and ease the soul’s transition to the afterlife.