Chinese antique wood carving of Guanyin Song/Ming Dynasty-SOLD

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SOLD-Ming Dynasty 1368 to 1644 ad, or earlier.

The standing figure with Song dynasty characteristics, painted white with remains of poly-chrome pigments.

Height 64cm, 25 inches.

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Guanyin is an Asian spiritual figure of mercy, a Bodhisattva associated with Compassion and venerated by Mahayana Buddhists.
Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin which means:Perceiving the Sounds or Cries of the World
The Origin of Guanyin comes from the Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara. known in English as the Goddess of mercy

Guanyin was an extremely popular goddess in ancient china and is still worshiped in many Chinese throughout Asia.
Guanyin is revered by the Chinese due to her unconditional love and compassion. She is often regarded as the protector of women and children and she is also worshipped as a fertility goddess capable of granting children to couples.
Guanyin is also worshiped to offer protection against misfortune, illness, and is a champion of the poor, and those facing troubles of hardship.