Chimu wood staff head circa 12-14th century AD Peru _SOLD

Pre Columbian ancient South America 
A fine Chimu wood staff head circa 12-14th century AD Peru
The staff with mask type face surmounted by a latticework hollow section 
with fish and pottery containers on top, they symbolism is quite outstanding, its a very striking and beautiful object
which a very high level of craftsmanship 
This would have been a rattle staff containing some material to create a sound but this has been lost in time
material: hard wood
The condition is overall good, some small age cracks and a small area of age atrophy damage
This piece came from bone dry desert conditions which has preserved the wood in this condition and this is typical of
chimu wood pieces from this period, on close examination the piece shows a ancient patina
Height: 72 cm without  stand
comes with custom stand
Ex UK collection acquired before 1960

Price: Please inquire