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We offer a wide range of authentic antique Tribal art and ethnographic artworks from diverse regions of the world.

We are very serious about authenticity: all items are vetted for authenticity and are guaranteed as to age and condition described and come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.


I developed a interest in ethnographic art in the early 1980`s when I was travelling extensively in Africa, Asia and South America running a import business. I was particularly drawn to the abstract nature of many ethnographic artworks and started collecting during my travels and at auctions and antique fairs in the UK. I lived and worked in South America for many years during which time I bought and sold antiques, paintings, colonial and regional art works and collected and studied Pre Columbian art.

My knowledge and expertise in ethnographic antiques and tribal art has accumulated over more than 25 years, and is a result of intense study, constant research, viewing and handling a large variety of antiques and artworks: insight and knowledge take a long time to acquire and it is a cumulative and continually evolving process. Over the years I have continued to travel, frequent auctions, antique fairs, art and antique markets the world over seeking out items of interest.

I am a dealer and collector who prefers to cover a large range of material with a emphasis on ethnographic antiques from the Americas, Africa, Oceania and Asia. I believe I have a good eye for interesting and aesthetically pleasing pieces and my mission is to supply interesting authentic material at reasonable prices.  All items bought from this website are unconditionally guaranteed authentic for life.  I have sold to many collectors, dealers and Museums worldwide.


Kenneth Mackay

Artworks include:

  • African tribal Art2res icon android app
  • Oceanic Art
  • Native American Art
  • Pre Columbian Art
  • Asian Art
  • Ethnographic Curiosities
  • Artworks and Antiques
  • Latin American Artworks


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