African Tribal art Auction

Subject: A interesting one that got away

A Zulu Baboon staff went up for sale at a local auctioneer PF Windibank in Dorking England on December 5th 2015 with an estimate of  £25-40.

No luck for the dealer of collector hoping to bag a bargain(myself included) final hammer price £7050 to a London dealer.

“This African hardwood stick or staff, carved with a baboon standing on the heads of two human figures, is by the craftsman known simply as the Baboon Master. Almost nothing is known about the carver except that he was active in the 1880s and 1890s in South Africa and Mozambique. Some sources identify him as Zulu; others as a member of the Tsonga people. Scholars surmise that he carved these items to sell to soldiers stationed in the area since there is no history of indigenous walking staffs in late 19th century south-east Africa. “