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Rekitts Blue on tribal artifacts

Reckitts blue on Tribal artifacts Reckitt’s Blue was a domestic bleaching agent, originally manufactured by Reckitt & Sons in England from 1840. It was in common use throughout the British Empire from the mid-19th century. Ethnographic artifacts such as Yoruba Ibeji figures and other Yoruba religious items were often decorated or received libations with this …


Benin art african tribal

Tribal art of  Africa: Artworks from the kingdom of Benin L’art tribal de l’Afrique: Oeuvres du royaume de Bénin Arte tribale dell’Africa: Opere dal regno del Benin Stammeskunst aus Afrika: Kunstobjekte aus dem Königreich Benin The kingdom of Benin began in the 8th century when the Edo people settled in West Africa. By the 15th century it had grown into a …