African Tribal Art Impressive Large Old Mossi Antelope Mask Burkino Faso

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African Tribal Art Impressive Large Old Mossi Antelope Mask


This is splendid very Impressive Mossi antelope mask from Burkina Faso.

A very large mask with cubist style facial features with large horns rising from the top.

Remains of original pigmentation.

Overall excellent patina. Showing with well used interior wear.
Period Early to Mid 20th century
Height 93 cm , 37 inches
Provenance: Anabel Chaos collection UK. Ex Bonhams auction London 1960 `s.

The Mossi empire were a number of different powerful kingdoms in modern-day Burkina Faso which dominated the region of the upper Volta river for hundreds of years.
Mossi Masks have a variety of different purposes including sacred masks and masks for entertainment. Mossi masks are abstract and stylized.
The Mossi use masks in their religious observances and rituals. Masks are used in initiations and funerals and other important occasions . Masks come from distant villages attend funerals to honor the deceased and make sure his/or her spirit enters the ancestral spiritual world and to ensure the spirit does not remain near the home and cause trouble for his or her descendants.

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