Pre Columbian Chimu Textile- SOLD

Pre Columbian Chimu Textile  circa c. 1100 CE – 1470 CE Peru

A Chimu Textile panel featuring standing figures wearing ponchos and headdresses

separated by bands temple step motive designs

Alternating bands of Camelid fiber and cotton

Size 85 x 64 cm

Ex uk collection before 1960

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The Pre columbian Chimú culture also known as the kingdom of Chimor, came from the north coast of Peru between the 12th to 15th centuries CE. The capital Chan Chan was one of the largest cities to have existed in ancient Peru and the Chimu were the largest and most prosperous culture in the Late Intermediate Period in Peru before the Inca

The art of the Chimu was influenced by earlier civilizations in the Andes such as the  Chavin  Wari and Moche civilizations, the Chimú would extrapolate  upon artistic themes which have become staple features of Andean art ever since. Chimú pottery is mostly mold made blackware and redware spouted vessels a multitude of different sculpted designs the background  often decorated with stylized rain drops. in a desert terrain in which they lived rain was given a almost supernatural status. Textiles have mostly natural colours, some with the addition of gold or feathers,  popular motifs include open-armed figures wearing ponchos and headdresses.

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