The Pre Columbian Chorrera culture comes the from coastal region of Ecuador dating from approx 1200-200 BC, a very sophisticated and highly artistic culture with probable influence and connections to the Chavin culture of Peru. Chorrera( the name derives from Spanish hacienda where the first pottery was found, the actual name of this culture is unknown). The Chorrera produced a huge variety of very fine pottery: stirrup spout vessels, many of them whistling vessels, inspired by nature in many forms, the exquisite representation of  animals, birds, fruits, marine life and insects show a great skill in representing nature to a very realistic level in sculpture, it  easily compares and often surpasses in quality the best  classic pottery from the ancient Mediterranean cultures.

Anthropomorphic figures which have been named Angel figures because of their angel like countenance are very highly stylized and come in a variety of forms all of which show a superb sublime symmetry.   KM