Pre Columbian Inca portrait head vessel ancient Art South America


Pre Columbian fine Inca grey ware portrait head vessel ancient South America

A portrait head vessel of a smiling man wearing traditional Inca cap

Inca period, circa 1438-1532 AD, Peru.

Condition: minor surface wear, minor spout restoration

Provenance: Collection of a UK Academic, collected before 1960.

Size: Height 20 cm, width 14 cm 8 x 6 inches.

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Pre Columbian Inca  Vessel
A Inca greyware vessel of a smiling grimacing man with delineated hair and stepped headdress on back

Inca Empire South America Inca Peru Bolivia Ecuador C 1400-1533
Condition: A small section of front reattached minor cracking and age  wear, Please see photos for detail.
Provence: UK collection, acquired before before 1960