A carved stone seated Gandhāra Buddha figure, seated cross-legged with the hands folded in the lap in the Dhyana Mudhra, mounted on a custom-made base.
Gandhara 1st millennium AD India
Measurements :4.3 kg, 10 1/2″ 27cm
Condition: Fine condition with remains of archaeological encrustations
Provenance:UK collection, acquired prior to 1960


Historical Information:

The Kingdom of Gandhara spans a long time periods from Vedic times (c1500-500 BC). to the 10th century AD. As a centre for Greco-Buddhism and Zoroastrianism Gandhara civilisation reached its height from the 1st century to the 5th century under the Kushan Kings and covered a large area of North India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, The kingdom was ruled from many centres during its long history including capitals at Kapisa (Bagram) and Puruṣapura (Peshawar). 

Gandhāra is famous for its distinctive Gandhāra style of Buddist art which developed out of a synthesis of Greek, Syrian, Persian, and Indian artistic influences.