Rare Large format unpublished Cuban photo of Che Guevara by Venancio Díaz-Maique

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Rare Large format unpublished Cuban photo of Che Guevara by Venancio Díaz-Maique
Circa 1963
Portrait of Che Guevara
Large size 59 x 48 cm 23 .25 x 19 inches

Venancio Díaz-Maique Cuba (1916-2003)
Circa 1963 printed later probably in 1970`s
Condition: small crease minor wear indentations


Born in the City of Guanajay, on 1 April 1916, he was co-founder of the Photography Club of Cuba. He began working as a reporter during the disasters that came about during the hurricane of 1940 for which he received his first award for his photographs in Guanajay. In 1948 he obtained his first international award, a special prize, in Zaragoza, Spain, for his photograph ¨Salen al camino dos carretas¨ (Two oxcarts hit the road). In 1949 he was awarded another prize in Cuba, for this same photograph, with a tie in first place with Roberto Mañalich. Also in 1949, during the First International Exhibit in Cuba, he was awarded for his photograph Colonial. In this same year he did important work artistic work in the field of nude photography for Nude magazine in New York, also receiving several awards. In 1950 he received Honour Mention for his photo El regreso (The return). In 1955 he also worked in the field of artistic semi-nude photos, published in diverse magazines among which we can find the Italian model Zurka Falconi. In 1961 he obtained Third Place with the topic Carnival, with the photos Humo and Tambor (Smoke and Drum). In 1962, in Budapest, Hungary, Interpress awarded him the Silver Cup for Levan la luz (Raise the Light) as the best photograph of Latin America. In this same year, he published important photographs of relevant historic events such as the sinking of the La Coubre, of the funeral of those who died in this sabotage, and also of typical country houses called ¬¨bohios¨.

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