African Tribal Art Antique Ancient Koma Terracotta Ghana Abstract sculpture Circa 13th to 16th century CE

A striking abstract modelled terracotta figural torso the expressive visage gesticulating with open singing mouth and beard and ridged coiffure carrying a object on his back, in heavy solid terracotta with red pigment A splendid and rare example of ancient abstract art.
Size: H 8.5 ” W 5 W 2.5 . 22×12 x6cm on included high quality custom metal stand. overall height including stand 13.5 ” , 35 cm
West Africa, Ghana, Koma Land culture, 13th to 16th century CE
Ex Anthony Powell collection UK.

Koma figures were first discovered in the 1980s during archaeological fieldwork directed by Professor Ben Kankpeyeng (University of Ghana). Created by a previously little understood people in what is known as Koma Land, the figures are often fragmentary. Although there is a paucity of literature on how such figurines were used, scholars have suggested they were used in special ceremonies and rituals in which the spirits of the ancestors were invoked.



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