Ancient African Tribal Nok terracotta head_SOLD

Product Description

Ancient African Tribal Nok terracotta head.

Circa 500 B.C.–200 A.D. Nigeria.

The typical Nok cone like cylindrical head with elongated face.

Condition: Joined from 2 pieces

Height 19 cm.


Ex UK collection, collected before 1960.

Price: please inquire

Nok sculptures were first discovered at sites on the Jos plateau in Northern Nigeria around 1928
in a area of local tin mining, fragments were first discovered then larger
sculptures were unearthed, it quickly became apparent that this was a discovery of great importance as terracotta’s of exception aesthetic quality and previously unknown form came to light, these are now universally regarded as masterpieces of African art,the name Nok was derived from the small village of Nok nearby on the Jos plateau

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