Himalayan Antiques

Tribal Art Antiques we offer a unique collection of Himalayan antiques and Himalayan tribal art. The essence of this art form embodies the beauty, mystery of spirituality life in the Himalayas.

The Himalayan people have expressed their vision and feelings through their native works of art since ancient times. Tribal Art Antiques collection offers a look at the human creativity inherent in masks, sculptures and artifacts of this Himalayan area. Tribal art in the Himalayas is influenced by Shamanistic rituals, Hindu and Buddhist rites and many distinct indigenous tribal cultures.

Capturing objects from the incredible complexity of the cultural mosaics from North Pakistan in the East to Bhutan in the west covering a area which forms 5 present day nations of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Discover the incredible richness and complex art form in its unique diversity and versatility. from Himalayan masks and ornaments to ritual objects, sculptures and textiles covering an entire range of artifacts and objects of art.

The rich cultural heritage, deep mysticism and beauty inherent in Himalayan tribal art form makes it wonder to behold. explore the wonders of this ancient art form at Tribal Art Antiques.
All items are guaranteed authentic as to period and condition described

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